Khao Tao (Turtle Hill), Hua Hin

Buddha Image On Khao Tao Hill

Khao Tao is around 14 km south of Hua Hua and makes for a nice day out. If you look from the beach you’ll be able to see the hill, with the golden Buddha image perched at the top. We decided to take a walk to the top. Khao Tao means Turtle … Read more

Hua Hin Short-Stay Condo $300 Per Month

Swimming Pool At Our Hua Hin Condo

After staying in Bangkok for the previous six months, we decided to spend a month in Hua Hin before continuing our travels around Asia. We managed to find a super-cute condo for just $300 a month, and given the current situation with the coronavirus, we’ve decided to stay here untl the current … Read more