Can You Hold Snakes at the Snake Farm in Bangkok?

close-up photo of a person holding a yellow and white snake

Thailand’s traditional local snake shows have long been vexing for animal lovers. The Bangkok Snake Farm, on the other hand, is a welcome surprise and cause for celebration. Getting here is among the best things to do in Bangkok. The Thai Red Cross Society’s Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, founded in 1923, is … Read more

History of Wat Yannawa, The Boat Temple

image of Wat Yannawa, The Boat Temple

Aside from the Bangkok snake farm, other tourist attractions in the city are worth visiting. If you go to Bangkok and visit the Wat Yannawa temple located at 40 Charoen Krung Rd, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand, you might be curious about its structure and would leave your eyebrows raising.  You … Read more

Best Time to Watch a Snake Show in Bangkok

Golden king cobra and a sculpture

What do you think the top two things most of us should save for before visiting new areas are? We claim it’s a matter of time and money. Yes, we all have 24 hours in a day. But do we all have at least five days to spend away from our duties … Read more

When Was the Snake Farm (Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute) Built?

image of Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute

Snakes are among the most feared creatures globally, and they are also probably the most misunderstood. When you see snakes, you instantly feel fear and the urge to run away. However, visiting the Snake Farm in Bangkok, Thailand, will help you learn and understand these creatures more. You’ll never know — maybe … Read more

Planning a Trip and Traveling to the Snake Farm in Bangkok

Khwaeng Wat Arun, Thailand, city landscape

Traveling is a popular pastime for people of all ages, young and elderly. When traveling, the tourist is confronted with various excellent opportunities. The traveler has the chance to experience new things, make decisions, reward themselves, and learn about other cultures. Suppose you are up for an adventure; it’s time to get … Read more

What Are the Best Hotels in Bangkok?


Bangkok is a city that is known for its vibrant and bustling people. It is one of the most visited destinations in the world and for a good reason. The people of Bangkok welcome the tourists with open hands and make sure that they visit multiple times during a year. On the … Read more

Why is Khaosan Road Famous?

Khaosan Road during the daytime

The Khaosan Road in Bangkok has become a worldwide phenomenon. It is a street that not only has a rich history but offers tourists the ultimate shopping experience with tasty Thai dishes. If you were to walk through the street, you will be able to explore the hidden treasures of Bangkok city … Read more

Are Golden Tree Snakes Dangerous?

A golden tree snake in captivity

Snakes tend to be highly venomous, mildly venomous, or not venomous at all. There are just so many species of snakes around the world that you will simply lose count. One of them is the golden tree snake. Known for its beautiful green and black skin color combination, many people question whether … Read more

Why is Bangkok One of the Popular Tourist’s Destination?

Bangkok City at night

Bangkok, the city of angels, is rated as one of the world’s best tourist destinations. In addition to being the capital of Thailand since 1782, it is the largest, most populous, and most developed city of Thailand. In the modern world, Bangkok stands as a beautiful example of ethnic diversity. Here, the … Read more