Thailand Snakes – Oriental Whip Snake

Today is visited Wat Khao Sanam Chai, which is a temple in Hua Hin that has fantastic views from its hillside location. While there, we were saw this beautiful Oriental Whip Snake next to the main path leading to the Chedi.

I’ve been in Thailand on and off for over ten years, yet this is only the fifth snake I’ve seen in the wild in all this years.

Oriental Whip Snake - Can You See It?
Oriental Whip Snake – Can You See It?

It’s my wife that first spotted the snake. I’d probably have walked right passed it. It’s very well camouflaged.

Oriental Whip Snake
Oriental Whip Snake

The snake was very still. After seeing it we continued walking to to the chedi, where we spent 20-30 minutes.

When we came back the snake was in exactly the same place.

While I was taking some photos of the snake, a couple of monks walk passed, They told us that there were lots of snakes in the woods around the temple.

They told us to keep to the main path and not to wander off, just in case we got bitten by a snake.

Asian Vine Snake
Asian Vine Snake

The Oriental Whip Snake is also known as the Asian Vine Snake. As you can see, it has a very slender body.

It lives mainly off lizards, frogs and other small creatures.

Asian Vine Snake
Asian Vine Snake

I think I need to start exploring some local hillsides to see if I can spot any other snakes.

Oriental Whip Snake Video

These snakes grow to around 1,8 meters, so I’d guess this was a fully grown adult. It looked to be around 2 meters long,