Golden Tree Snake At Our Condo In Thailand

In the last ten years I’d only seen five snakes in the world, and then I saw my sixth one last week, an Oriental Whip Snake at a temple in Hua Hin.

Amazingly, I saw another snake two days later at our condo.

This is the third Golden Tree Snake that I’ve seen in Thailand. The other two were in a garden at a friend’s house, and on a main road in central Bangkok.

This one was right next to the fitness room at our condo.

The fitness room is on the first floor and there is a balcony that is built next to a few trees. It’s in one of these trees that I saw the snake.

Golden Tree Snake
Golden Tree Snake

I’d guess that this snake was 100-200 cm in length and looked to be quite young.

Golden Tree Snakes are very common in Thailand and across southeast Asia.

They aren’t considered harmful to humans, although you wouldn’t want to be bitten by one. The are pretty lively and can jump quite a distance, so be careful if you see one.
Golden Tree Snake at our Condo in Thailand

Hopefully I’ll see a few more snakes soon.