The Top Festivals in Thailand That You Must See


Festivals in Thailand are known for their enchantment, and the country hosts several of them at various times and places throughout the year. Festivals are the best way to become acquainted with Buddhist rites, learn more about Thai culture, and have fun doing all of this while taking in the stunning scenery of Thailand’s beaches and delectable cuisine at the same time.

Every month brings a new and exciting occasion for you to celebrate. Many notable celebrations are firmly based on the religion of the country, as well as regional festivities, and there is a lot for curious tourists to take in, marvel at, and look back on with fondness.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in the nation or if you’ve been there more times than you can count; there are plenty of festivals in Thailand that are just waiting for you to attend and doing so will give you a better understanding of the culture and the people who live there.

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Yi Peng or the Lantern Festival

  • The Yi Peng festival, widely considered to be one of the most spectacular celebrations in all of Thailand, is held in the illustrious city of Chiang Mai, which was formerly the capital of the kingdom of Lanna. It continues to be significant to culture due to the weathered defenses and moats that speak of a bygone period. During the festival of Yi Peng, which takes place in November, Chinese paper lanterns are set free into the night sky as a symbol of letting go of the disasters that have occurred during the previous year. 
  • Thousands of people converge to take part in the event and see the breathtaking scenery. The finest places to enjoy the festival are on Tha Phae Road and at Mae Jo University; nevertheless, it is best to arrive early to secure a good space within the crowds at either of these locations. Following the launching of the lanterns, you will be able to take in the live music performances and watch the firecrackers as they illuminate the night sky.

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Songkran Festival

  • The Songkran Festival is a significant occasion in Thailand, and both natives and visitors celebrate it with tremendous zeal and passion. The event ushers in the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year and is celebrated with a wide range of activities around the country. The Songkran event lasts for three days, beginning on the 13th and ending on the 15th of April.
  • At the beginning of the event, the residents dress up in their customary garb and participate in parades and street processions, which frequently include ornate floats and other forms of lavish décor. During the processions, individuals bless one another by sprinkling fragrant water on their bodies and offering prayers for long life and financial success.
  • The water fights, which take place in streets and public parks all around Thailand, are the festival’s most exciting event, and they attract large crowds. Participants utilize various types of water-based weapons, such as buckets and water pistols, to drown one another in an act that is meant to represent the eradication of ill luck and the rebirth of good fortune.
  • There are also beauty pageants, traditional dancing, and the releasing of birds and fish into rivers as part of the festivities, in addition to the water fights. This is a gesture of good luck, peace, and prosperity for the following year, which is symbolized by the giving of a coin. After the celebration, participants give one another gifts and eat a meal together with their families and friends. During the Songkran Festival, families are encouraged to spend time together to celebrate and take pleasure in one another’s company.

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Loi Krathong Festival

  • The Loi Krathong Festival is a celebration of the water goddess that takes place every year in the month of November. The holiday of Loy Krathong will be held on November 28 in the year 2023. When people get together to make Krathongs and then release them into rivers and ponds, it is a moment filled with happiness and gratitude.
  • Krathongs are banana-leaf baskets that are beautifully decorated with flowers, candles, incense, and cash. Krathongs are given as gifts during the Krathong Festival in Thailand. As a mark of reverence to the goddess, each one is given a candle and then placed in the water where it is allowed to float freely. In addition, individuals burn candles and incense sticks and present gifts of food and flowers as an act of worship.
  • The festival provides a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends while also appreciating the unspoiled natural beauty that the area has to offer. The sight of the krathongs’ lights flickering as they are put afloat on the rivers and ponds is a mystical spectacle to see. This is a time for celebration and giving thanks, as well as a moment to reflect on the sea goddess’s majesty and bountiful nature.

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Chak Phra Festival

  • The Chak Phra Festival is a celebration that takes place every year in Thailand during the month of October. It is a celebration of the fact that Buddha came back to earth after spending some time in heaven. A stunning procession with glittering floats, vibrant traditional Thai costumes, and loud music is one of the highlights of the festival.
  • The procession leaves the temple of Wat Phra Phutthabat in Saraburi province, which is located in the northern part of Thailand, and travels to the city of Bangkok. At that location, devotees pay respect to the Buddha by making offerings of flowers, incense, and candles. The participants in the march each hold a huge wooden pole with a fabric umbrella affixed to it as a symbol of the rebirth of Lord Buddha.
  • In addition, the festival is a time for commemorating and meditating on the Buddhist teachings that are observed. People get together to pray, sing and commemorate the Lord Buddha’s life as part of the celebration. In the evening, people can be found parading around the streets while playing traditional music and dancing. The Chak Phra Festival is a festival of Buddhism that is vivid and colorful, and it is an excellent time to experience the culture and traditions of Thailand.

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The Phi Ta Khon Festival

  • The month of June in Thailand’s northeastern region is the time of year when the Phi Ta Khon Festival takes place, a colorful and jubilant event. The festival is most likely going to take place on June 23 of this year. It is a one-of-a-kind celebration that pays respect to the souls of the departed and features vibrant colors, lively music, and lively dance.
  • The celebration kicks off with a parade of locals decked up in elaborate masks, costumes, and body paint. Bamboo is used in the construction of traditional masks, which are then adorned with feathers and materials in vivid colors. As the participants in the celebration make their way through the village, the procession is accompanied by boisterous music and dancing.
  • The event comes to a close with a massive celebration that includes entertainment, games, and northern Thai cuisine that is typical. The celebration continues well into the night, and on the following day, those who are attending create merit by donating food to the neighborhood monks and temples. 
  • The festival is enjoyed by people of all ages, which contributes to its status as a well-visited tourism destination in the area. The Phi Ta Khon Festival is a significant element of the community’s culture and a cherished custom that will continue to be observed for a considerable amount of time into the foreseeable future.

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The Rocket Festival

  • In the month of May, the people of the Isan area of Thailand get together to celebrate the Rocket Festival, also known as Bun Bang Fai. The celebration is held to make a prayer to the gods for plentiful rain and a successful crop. Launching homemade rockets made from bamboo and gunpowder is a tradition that is observed during this event.
  • The celebration is observed by the citizens of the area with a great deal of zeal and is accompanied by music, dancing, and eating. People from all walks of life come together to take in the breathtaking spectacle of dozens of rockets being fired into the air at once. 
  • The rockets are launched in competitions, and the one that travels the most distance and achieves the highest altitude is deemed the victor. The winner of the competition receives rewards, and it is a common belief that the higher the rocket flies, the more precipitation there will be in the upcoming year.
  • The Rocket Festival is an essential component of the culture of the Isan people and is commemorated every year with a great deal of revelry and enthusiasm. It is a wonderful opportunity to get members of the community together to share in an exciting celebration.

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Khao Phansa Festival

  • Every year, on the first day of Buddhist Lent, the Khao Phansa Festival is observed as a way to remember the occasion. Since ancient times, Buddhists have adhered to this practice, which consists of abstaining from food and engaging in prayer for a period of three months. The festival is held annually in the months of July or August and consists of several different parades and activities that are considered to be traditional.
  • On the day of the celebration, people make merit and present sacrifices to the monks by congregating in temples. Additionally, families will frequently bring food, such as fruits and pastries, for communal consumption and distribution. Following the presentation of the offerings, the monks will deliver a special discourse to the assembly. The topic of self-reflection and the significance of adhering to the teachings of the Buddha is typically the primary subject of the discourse.
  • People take part in parades outside of the temple in addition to the festivities that take place inside the temple. During the parades, participants dress up in traditional garb and carry flags and banners. Typically, music and dancing may be seen taking place during the parades. In addition, there are different types of exhibits, such as floats, that are there to celebrate the event.
  • People typically gather with their friends and family at the end of the day to partake in festive meals. This is an opportunity to contemplate the teachings of the Buddha as well as the significance of the current period of abstinence and meditation. The Khao Phansa Festival is a unique occasion that is commemorated with happiness and reverence on an annual basis.

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The Surin Elephant Festival

  • This festival is a celebration of the friendly giants that may be found throughout Thailand. Elephants have played an important role in the history of this nation; they have been used in combat, have been of assistance in agricultural endeavors, and have even been employed for transportation. Ganesha, a Hindu god, is revered throughout this region to an extremely high degree, and statues of him can be found in the majority of the cities and villages.
  • The Elephant Festival is held in the northeastern part of Thailand, and it features massive parades of elephants that are pampered with fruit and vegetable offerings. After each of these parades, there will be a performance with elephants and marching bands. After being adorned with flowers and paste, these sociable monsters are a huge draw for tourists, who can’t get enough of posing for pictures with them and socializing with them. The Surin Elephant Festival is traditionally held throughout the third weekend of November every year.

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Chinese New Year

  • As a result of the country’s significant Chinese community, the Lunar New Year celebration in Thailand has developed into one of the country’s most well-known celebrations. Depending on the lunar calendar, it might take at any time between January and February. Yaowarat, which is Bangkok’s Chinatown, is where the festival is observed to the fullest extent.
  • During this time, fireworks will light up the night sky, and traditional dragon dancers will perform in the public squares and streets. There is a large selection of Chinese banquets available for diners who appreciate traditional Chinese food. 
  • It is often a three-day weekend full of revelry and celebration. It is usual, before the beginning of the festivities, to pay respects by going to a temple, specifically Wat Mangkok Kamalawat, which can be found on Charoen Krung Street in Bangkok.

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Candle Festival

  • The city of Ubon Ratchathani, located in the southeast of Thailand, plays host to this extravagant event. In the month of July, on the days of Asanha Puja, which celebrates the first sermon that Buddha ever gave, and Wan Khao Pansa, which denotes the beginning of Buddhist Lent, it is held.
  • During the Candle Festival, enormous wax sculptures are fashioned to be carried through the streets atop enormous floats. In recent years, these wax sculptures have been constructed with the influence of both traditional and modern art aesthetics, while the candles have been chosen to represent various regions throughout Thailand.
  • There are also exquisite candles that have scenes from Buddhist and Hindu mythology engraved into them. To alleviate the darkness that surrounds temples, standard-sized candles are set all around them, and according to tradition, people give donations of food and clothing to the monks. As the parades make their way toward the temple grounds, there is a lot of dancing and traditional music performed.

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Festivals in Thailand are an excellent method to gain exposure to the rich culture and customs that are prevalent throughout the nation. Every event, from the Songkran Festival to the Rocket Festival, has something distinct and extraordinary to offer its attendees. 

Each festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience the genuine beauty and spirit of Thailand, whether it be the water fights of Songkran, the skylights of Yi Peng, or the rockets of the Rocket Festival. These festivals are a celebration of the culture, the people, and the customs of the country, and you should make every effort to attend at least one of them.