Ways to Meet Famous Thai People

Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying from a Cleo magazine promotional video

In almost every way, celebrities are similar to ordinary people. Unless fortune and fame have gotten to them, they are human beings who think and feel like everyone else. Even knowing this, the possibility of meeting a celebrity can be both nerve-racking and exciting. Many fans wish to meet their favorite Thai … Read more

Famous People Who Have Traveled to Thailand

a woman wearing a blue dress, holding an umbrella, a sunset 

Besides Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand is another must-visit place to spend your vacation. It’s hot and humid. It has a historical significance. Most importantly, it is inexpensive for visitors from North America and other nearest parts of the world.  As a result, you’ll notice a lot of college students partying there. However, several A-List … Read more

Can You Keep a Golden Tree Snake as a Pet in Thailand

Golden Tree Snake (Chrysopelea ornata)

Golden Tree Snakes are the snake equivalent of the roadrunner – they are thin, fast, and agile. They can climb bushes and trees faster than any other snake, striking lightning fast. These snakes are very common in Thailand and are unquestionably among the top five snakes you will likely encounter in this … Read more

The Best Places to Stay in Hua Hin

The Best Places to Stay in Hua Hin

Once a royal summer destination of Thai royals and nobility, Hua Hin has evolved to become one of the country’s most renowned seaside resorts. Today, it’s well-loved by residents and tourists, thanks to its awe-inspiring natural landscapes, pristine beaches, eye-catching temples, historical landmarks, family-friendly theme parks, and a vibrant town. Plus, it’s … Read more

Must-visit Markets in Bangkok

Any trip to Bangkok won’t be complete without visiting its vibrant markets. From the lively atmosphere to the ever-smiling local people, affordable and unique items, stylish clothes, and mouthwatering food, snacks, and drinks, there’s just no shortage of things to love and shop in these trendy retail centers. Here are the must-visit … Read more

Top Things To Do in Hua Hin

Top Things To Do in Hua Hin

Two hours and a half from Bangkok, you’ll reach one of Thailand’s hidden getaways – Hua Hin. A holiday destination discovered by the Thai royals and nobility in the 1920s before catapulting into popularity, it’s home to an incredibly diverse set of stunning attractions. From beautiful palaces to bustling markets, natural spots, … Read more

Must Try Foods In Thailand

Tom yum goong, spicy shrimp soup, Thai dish

Thai food has diverse tastes and textures that no two meals are ever the same—interpretations and preparation across Thailand’s regions. The four areas of Thailand, Northern, Central, Southern, and Isaan or Northeastern, each have distinct cultures, dialects, and delectable cuisines.  Come taste your way through the flavors of the Land of Smiles … Read more

Who are the Most Famous Persons in Thailand

Alluring beaches, rich and colorful culture, historical architecture – Thailand is indeed one of the most promising Asian countries when we talk about tourism. The country boasts many different tourist destinations that will surely make your holiday tour a moment to remember. As the Land of Smiles, Thailand would surely put one … Read more

Best Souvenirs From Thailand

golden dragon statue, colorful smoke background

Traveling to Thailand won’t be complete without opening your wallets to pay for souvenirs such as scarves and trinkets you can bring home. However, you’ll most likely run out of money if you go about paying for every snack, jewelry, or every set of clothing you see. Make your trip more wallet-friendly … Read more

Backpacking Tips That Will Help You Stay Safe In Thailand


Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. From spectacular views to the amazing tradition and culture, this is that one place that has everything. Tourists visiting Thailand are offered a wide variety of options when it comes to food and shopping. Therefore, the chances of leaving disappointed … Read more