Cost Of Living In Hua Hin (August 2020)

Hua Hin Cost Of Living (August 2020)

There is definitely a pattern to our spending while in Hua Hin. The last few months have been pretty consistent, so it gives a good guide to general costs here. These are our costs though, and these can vary significantly among different people. Some tell us we spend too much, while others … Read more

Golden Tree Snake At Our Condo In Thailand

Golden Tree Snake

In the last ten years I’d only seen five snakes in the world, and then I saw my sixth one last week, an Oriental Whip Snake at a temple in Hua Hin. Amazingly, I saw another snake two days later at our condo. This is the third Golden Tree Snake that I’ve … Read more

Hua Hin Temples – Wat Khao Sanam Chai

Wat Khao Sanam Chai, Hua Hin

If you drive south of Hua Hin along Phetkasem Road, just after going passed Vana Nava Water Jungle you’ll see a temple high up on a hill on your left. It’s easy to spot because of all the flags flying around it. This is Wat Khao Sanam Chai, and is known for … Read more

Thailand Snakes – Oriental Whip Snake

Oriental Whip Snake

Today is visited Wat Khao Sanam Chai, which is a temple in Hua Hin that has fantastic views from its hillside location. While there, we were saw this beautiful Oriental Whip Snake next to the main path leading to the Chedi. I’ve been in Thailand on and off for over ten years, … Read more

Cost Of Living In Hua Hin (July 2020)

Hua Hin Cost of Living July 2020

Another month, and our spending is up yet again. Last month we spent just over 53,000 baht. Read on to find out how much we spent this month. Accommodation We still live at the same condo in Hua Hin, so if you want to see what it’s like, take a look at … Read more

Cost Of Living In Hua Hin (June 2020)

Hua Hin Cost of Living - June 2020

In June the lockdown was lifted even more and most things were pretty much back to normal during the second half of the month. That meant our spending went up again, but I think it was still pretty reasonable. Last month spent 45,306 baht. This went up to 45,306 baht in May. … Read more

Cost Of Living In Hua Hin (May 2020)

Hua Hin Cost Of Living May 2020

Last month we spent a grand total of 41,599 baht, but it was a bit unusual because most of it was spent in lockdown. During May the lockdown was partially lifted, so we suspected we’d spend more money, but how much did we actually spend? Read to find out. Accommodation We still live … Read more

Cost Of Living In Hua Hin During Lockdown (April 2020)

Hua Hin Cost of Living April 2020

People are always asking me how much it costs to live in Thailand and various other places we travel to, so I’ve decided to post monthly cost of living updates. As we’re currently in Hua Hin, Thailand, the first report is based here. Our costs will be different to usual, as we’ve … Read more

Hua Hin Street Art

Street Art At Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin has a surprising amount of street art scattered all over the city. Here’s just a tiny selection of what you can see. Beach If you go to the beach area at Soi 51 you’ll see these very colorful pieces of street art. The backdrop of the beach and sea makes … Read more

Funny, Weird & Quirky In Hua Hin

Weird Hua Hin

Whenever I visit a new place I like to keep an eye out for the quirkier side of things. I like discovering things that are funny, weird or just particularly interesting to me. Here’s what I’ve manage to find in Hua Hin. Hanging Around Hua Hin has lots of unusual street art, … Read more