Golden Tree Snake At Our Condo In Thailand

Golden Tree Snake

In the last ten years I’d only seen five snakes in the world, and then I saw my sixth one last week, an Oriental Whip Snake at a temple in Hua Hin. Amazingly, I saw another snake two days later at our condo. This is the third Golden Tree Snake that I’ve … Read more

Thailand Snakes – Oriental Whip Snake

Oriental Whip Snake

Today is visited Wat Khao Sanam Chai, which is a temple in Hua Hin that has fantastic views from its hillside location. While there, we were saw this beautiful Oriental Whip Snake next to the main path leading to the Chedi. I’ve been in Thailand on and off for over ten years, … Read more

Monkeys Outside, Humans In Cages in Lopburi

Monkey In Lopburi City Center

The situation with the monkeys in Lopburi has good so bad that many residents have to barricade themselves in their own houses. They need to put up netting and bars to stop the monkeys getting in and causing damage. As one resident said, it feels like the humans are in cages, while … Read more

Birds of Thailand

This is a post of all the different birds I’ve seen in Thailand. I’ll keep adding to it. Greater Coucal (Crow Pheasant) We saw this Greater Coucal in Hua Hin. Despite having traveled all over Thailand, this is the only place that we’ve see it. This one was looking around the undergrowth. … Read more