Funny, Weird & Quirky In Hua Hin

Weird Hua Hin

Whenever I visit a new place I like to keep an eye out for the quirkier side of things. I like discovering things that are funny, weird or just particularly interesting to me. Here’s what I’ve manage to find in Hua Hin. Hanging Around Hua Hin has lots of unusual street art, … Read more

Khao Tao (Turtle Hill), Hua Hin

Buddha Image On Khao Tao Hill

Khao Tao is around 14 km south of Hua Hua and makes for a nice day out. If you look from the beach you’ll be able to see the hill, with the golden Buddha image perched at the top. We decided to take a walk to the top. Khao Tao means Turtle … Read more

Hua Hin Short-Stay Condo $300 Per Month

Swimming Pool At Our Hua Hin Condo

After staying in Bangkok for the previous six months, we decided to spend a month in Hua Hin before continuing our travels around Asia. We managed to find a super-cute condo for just $300 a month, and given the current situation with the coronavirus, we’ve decided to stay here untl the current … Read more