Pubs, Bars, Massage Parlors To Be Closed In Bangkok

It’s just been announced that pubs, bars, massage parlors, movie theaters and entertainment venues will be closed in Greater Bangkok from 18-31 March.

My guess is that this will be extended into next month and beyond. I can’t see how the current pandemic can be brought under control in just two weeks.

Whether these venues also close in other provinces is being left up to the discretion of provincial governors.

In Hua Hin bars have agreed to take preventative measure but have asked not to be closed down. They have agreed to have hand gel available and to check the health of staff before and after work each day. The temperature of customers will also be checked, as is already happening at some stores in the city.

See yesterday’s post about whether you should still travel to Thailand.

For me, this is yet another reason not to visit right now.