Best Souvenirs From Thailand

Traveling to Thailand won’t be complete without opening your wallets to pay for souvenirs such as scarves and trinkets you can bring home. However, you’ll most likely run out of money if you go about paying for every snack, jewelry, or every set of clothing you see. Make your trip more wallet-friendly and convenient by choosing from these souvenirs that can be wonderful gifts for you, your family, or your friends.

Bakery Goodies

Mooncakes, Japanese Dorayaki, mochis, Portuguese desserts, and pies will make your sweet tooth satisfied. They are the perfect souvenirs for their foreign taste blends in Thailand’s cultural cuisine.

Handmade Bags

From tiny coin pouches to shoulder bags, The country is versatile in texture and form of bags, which are weaved to not disappoint your obsession with them.

Instant Noodles

Thailand’s cup noodles are one of the best souvenirs to bring home. The Shiitake Mushrooms, Thai Jasmine Rice Salmon Porridge, Mama’s TomYum and YumYum’s Pork, and Suki Seafood will most likely take you back to your nostalgic trip, and food is also a universally accepted souvenir to show your loved ones you care.

Malt tea and Drink Sachets

If you’re missing out on Thai tea, Thailand has packed them in tiny convenient sachets. Wild Thai Tea provides you with a Thai Black Tea experience at home, while Chatham Green Tea is a blend of brewed Ceylon tea and spices. These sachets are a gift for tea enthusiasts and a beauty tip to achieve glowing skin. Flavored fruit drinks such as Lemon and Mango Drinks are other souvenirs you should bring home from your trip to Thailand.

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Soap Carvings

If you give scented candles as gifts, then soap carvings can be their best replacement. They come in various styles, shapes, and sizes, from a dainty blue flower with a ladybug to a structured blooming lotus. Their aroma is all the more exotic for a gift from Thailand.

Thai Coconut Oil Products

The country owns a considerable chunk of pure coconut oil product exports. Coconut oil is a prized beauty product due to its many benefits, such as sunscreen, hair oil, or moisturizer.

Hair products, lotions, moisturizers, and bathing products are all manufactured organically, making Thai Coconut Oil a fantastic souvenir to show someone you care for them.

Thai Handicraft

Decorate your home with pottery dishes, wooden carvings, or lacquerware you can buy from Thailand’s local artisan markets and shops. Cushions and their covers can be purchased at very low prices. Their colors can also be customized to go with your walls.

Thai Liquor

A tiny bit of wine a rum makes for an enjoyable weekend. Spend an exotic weekend in the country after trying the bittersweet taste of Thai liquor. There is also international liquor available, but most of them are at relatively high prices.

Thai Silk

Shirts, scarves, wallets, pillow covers, and cushion covers are all hand-weaved with the smoothest threads of Thai silk. It’s laced out of caterpillars on a strict mulberry diet and woven with gradient designs and textures. Thai silk is among the most exotic souvenirs and gifts in Thailand to bring home for yourself, your family, or friends.

Note: Watch out for fake Thai Silk

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Thai Silver

You can buy thai silverware from an array of Thailand shops at relatively low prices. To ensure its purity, look for a 0.925 stamp indicating that the antique you’re buying is 92.5 percent silver. Also, the tribal people of Northern Thailand make silver that’s 99 percent pure, making it the perfect authentic souvenir or gift from Thailand for your family, be it bracelets, earrings, or necklaces.

Thai Snacks

Dried squid, durian chips, pork floss, exotic-flavored potato chips, crispy pork sticks, and seaweed snacks are examples of Thai snacks you can bring home and introduce to your family and friends.

Thai Spa Products

Thailand is famous for its temples, spices, and relaxing massages at serene places. You’ll surely miss the bubble baths, essential oils, and scented candles after leaving Thailand. But since you can’t bring the country home, you sure can carry home Thai soothing aromatic massages. They’re calming and good for your skin. The country’s spa products are one of the most sought-after souvenirs in Thailand.

Thai Spices

Satisfy your possible cravings for Thair seafood or curry by bringing home Thai spices. Coriander seeds, crushed chili, cloves, nutmeg, prickly ash, nutmeg, long pepper, and star anise are some of the commonly used spices available anywhere in Thailand’s street market.

Thai Trinkets

Are you scared of buying shoes and clothes that won’t fit? Thai trinkets are the solution to your problem. Accessories, elephant-designed items, coin pouches, and key chains are something every one of us can use every day. They form a good souvenir and an exotic set of goodies.

Tiger Balm

This gel used to relieve inflammation and pain caused by mosquito bites and other insects such as ladybugs is the most bought Thai remedy for headache relief and muscle tension.