Which Time Does the Train Leave from Bangkok to Singapore?

Because Bangkok and Singapore are far away from each other, it is not easy for tourists to travel from the capital city of Thailand to the small country located in the south of Malaysia. However, there are several ways for people to get to Singapore from Bangkok, although the time it would take to reach the destination would take hours or even days. If you are willing to sacrifice time in order to visit Singapore after traveling to Bangkok, then you might want to take a look at our guide below on the departure and arrival schedules of trains in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The guide includes the best trains you can take to get to Singapore and the time that they will depart in their designated stations.

Taking Five Trains to Get to Singapore

The cheapest way for you to get to Singapore via railways is by taking five trains that are heading south towards Malaysia and Singapore. But, if you don’t want to stay too long in a specific station, then you must be able to know the earliest departure time of the next train once your previous train drops you off the station. Below is the best combination of Bangkok to Singapore train time schedules that take you to Singapore in three days.

The first station that you would need to visit is the Bangkok Station, which is situated in the capital city of Thailand. The train that you should ride is the one that takes you to Padang Besar, the border town of Malaysia that is close to the southernmost region of Thailand. As of 2020, there is only one train that takes people to Padang Besar, and that train leaves the station at 3:10 PM. The train will then arrive at Padang Besar at 8:53 AM.

Once you’ve reached Padang Besar, there are five trains that you can take to get to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, but the best train you can is the one that leaves at 11:15 AM. That specific train would then arrive at Kuala Lumpur at approximately 4:55 PM.

The third train would then take you from Kuala Lumpur to Gemas, a town that is 2 hours away from the capital city of Malaysia. This train would leave at 12:11 AM, so you will have plenty of time to visit tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur before heading to the station. Once you have taken the train, it will then transport you to Gemas at 2:40 AM.

The last train you would need to take would lead you to Johor Bahru, a city in the southernmost part of West Malaysia that is close to the northernmost region of Singapore. The train heading to Johor Bahru would depart at 5:45 AM and will arrive in the city at 10:29. From Johor Bahru, you can take one of two buses that head to Woodlands, Singapore, and these buses would leave at 11:30 AM and 12:45 PM.

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Take One Luxury Train to Singapore

If you have the budget to take a luxury train, then you can get a ticket to the Eastern and Oriental Express, which is owned by a company called Belmont Limited and takes passengers to several locations in Bangkok, Malaysia, and Singapore. However, instead of being just a normal train, the Eastern and Oriental Express has guided tours in a few tourist spots in the three countries that it will pass by.

The start of the trip will be at the Bangkok Huamamphong Railway Station, where the Eastern and Oriental Express will depart at 5:50 AM and head towards Kanchanaburi, a town in Thailand. At Kanchanaburi, there will be a tour of the Death Railway and the River Kwai once the train arrives there at 8:30 AM. The train would depart from Kanchanaburi at 11 AM and will go to Kuala Kangsar, the first stopover in Malaysia.

After arriving at Kuala Kangsar at 2 PM, there will be a guided tour of the town’s Grand Mosque, as well as the Sultan Shah Gallery and Royal Museum. The departure time for the train would be at 4:30 PM, and it would arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 10:40 PM. Once the train is at Malaysia’s capital, another guided tour would take place, and this tour would allow you to visit several areas of the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. After the tour, the train would depart from Kuala Lumpur at 12:15 AM. The last stop for the Eastern and Oriental Express would be in Singapore, where it would arrive at 11 AM.

Those are just two of the best ways for you to get to Singapore from Bangkok via train, and your choice between the two methods depends on your travel budget. Also if you enjoy anything related to trains as a hobby then you might want to try both options!  If you want to explore Singapore or Bangkok alone or with a travel buddy, the first method would still be a suitable choice, but if you want a complete package that also takes you to several tourists spots in Malaysia, then you might want to consider getting on the Eastern and Oriental Express.