Is It Safe to Walk Around Bangkok?

The city of Bangkok, the capital of a beautiful country called Thailand, is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, as visiting the city allows tourists to get a glimpse of the rich history and culture in the country without going to other places. In addition, Bangkok also showcases the economic progress of Thailand, as is it the busiest area in the country.

However, despite being beautiful and mesmerizing to look at, Bangkok is not regarded as a safer city than Singapore, and even another city in Thailand called Chiang Mai. But, on the brighter side, Thailand has been doing their best to make the city safer, and because of their efforts, Bangkok has now become one of the top ten safest cities in Southeast Asia. Regardless of Bangkok’s rankings in the safest cities, there are still some tourists who wanted to know if it is truly safe to walk around the city. To help you have a better understanding of how safe it is in the capital city of Thailand, here is a guide on walking around Bangkok.

Is Bangkok Safe?

According to statistics, Bangkok has a lower crime rate than most major cities in the United States, and the rate of violence against tourists in the city is also low. So, it is safe to say that Bangkok is relatively safe for tourists. However, like many other major cities, there are areas in Bangkok that are not as safe as the others, so it is important for tourists to stay away from those places.

Bangkok at night

What are the Places to Avoid in Bangkok?

Many tourists that already visited Bangkok would tell you that an indicator of an unsafe area in the city is the abundance of nightclubs. These nightclubs are considered as a part of Bangkok’s underbelly, which is filled with prostitution and crime. A few tourists would actually prefer visiting these nightclubs, but for the lawful travelers who only want to visit and admire the city without dwelling on its underbelly, it is best to stay away from areas with nightclubs.

Other places to avoid are establishments that host ping pong shows, which are sex shows that are seen exclusively in Thailand. There are several buildings in Bangkok that host these shows, but you can easily avoid them since they would often have a sign that indicates that they are a nightclub or a sex show bar. However, if you truly want to know about Bangkok’s dark side, you can take a peculiar tour called “The Hangover Tour” that takes you around places that were seen in The Hangover Part II movie. Of course, you will have security in the tour in the form of your tour guide, as well as other travelers that also signed up on the tour.

Tips for Walking Around Bangkok

It is important for tourists to stay alert when walking around Bangkok, as the city is filled with busy roads. Despite being quite unsafe for pedestrians, one of the best and safest ways for tourists to go from one place to another is on foot because taxis, cabs, and Thailand’s unique vehicle called tuk-tuk would sometimes have drivers that scam tourists into paying more than what they should. However, if one place is too far away from your hotel, you can just book a Grab, as the app actually works in that city.

As mentioned previously, tourists must also know that places to avoid in Bangkok, and there are many other detailed guides on the internet as to the specific areas that you should stay away from. One particular area that tourists tend to avoid is Patpong, as it is known to be the center of prostitution and sex-trafficking. Other places that people tend to avoid in Thailand are the Soi Cowboy district and the Nana Entertainment Plaza, which are also home to many nightclubs and sex shows.

When traveling in Thailand, many tourists would advise that you should travel with a buddy or a group, as traveling alone in Bangkok is quite dangerous, especially for foreigners. In addition, if you are in a bar or a restaurant that is filled with many people, you should never leave your food or baggage unattended, as there can be an instance that a stranger will drug you and rob you of your belongings.

Those are just some of the tips that you should know about before traveling or walking around Bangkok. Almost all of these tips could also apply to any other city in other countries, as all cities would often have both a good side and a bad side to them, so there is no particular city that is 100% safe. However, Bangkok will remain safe for you as long as you are alert, and you know what to avoid whenever you are in the city.