Prison Inmate Infected With Covid-19

After yesterday’s announcement that Thailand had gone 100 days without any reported cases of locally transmitted covid-19, today we have the news of a prison inmate that has tested positive.

A man that had recently worked at a coffee shop at Khao San Road and also as a DJ at two bars in the Rama III and Rama V area has now been moved from the prison to a hospital run by the Corrections Department.

Those that the man has been in close contact with are being monitored, although it’s thought that there’s no risk to the wider public.

The man has recently been sent to prison and was therefore in prison quarantine for 14 days. He showed some symptoms of covid-19 early this week and the tested postive.

The other inmates that were in quarantine tested negative. It’s therefore thought that he caught the covid-19 before entering prison. He has apparently traveled to another province in reater Bangkok as well.

It sounds like the situation is under control, so there’s not likely to be a wider spread of the disease. It is obvious that there will be small flare-ups here and there, and situations like this are to be expected.