Thailand Tops Global Ranking For Handling Of Covid-19 Crisis

Thailand has come top in a global ranking for their handling of the Covid-19 crisis. As an expat that lives here, there doesn’t surprise me at all. The authorities here have done an excellent job of beating Covid-19.

The Gobal Covid-19 Index (CGI) that was published yesterday, gave Thailand a score of 82.06, making it Number 1 in the world.

Asian Countries Top The Charts

It’s long been known that countries in Asia have done the best job overall of tackling Covid-19. This shows up in the index, with Asian countries occupying 4 of the top 5 places.

South Korea was ranked in 2nd place with a score of 81.09, Malaysia was 4th with 79.37, and Taiwan was 5th with 78.95.

The other country to make the top 5 was Latvia, who were placed 3rd with 80.81.

Including today’s figures, Thailand has had a total of 3,298 confirmed cases of Covid-19. 3,111 of these have recovered and 129 are still being treated. The total number of deaths stands at 58.

It should be noted that there haven’t been any confirmed cases of local transmission of the virus for over two months. All recent cases have been people returning from abroad who tested positive while in state quarantine.