Why is Khaosan Road Famous?

The Khaosan Road in Bangkok has become a worldwide phenomenon. It is a street that not only has a rich history but offers tourists the ultimate shopping experience with tasty Thai dishes. If you were to walk through the street, you will be able to explore the hidden treasures of Bangkok city where the lights are bright and the energy is literally infectious. Plus, it is a street that remains busy almost the entire year and it is hard to ignore when you are exploring Bangkok. So let’s discuss why is Khaosan Road famous and why should you give it a visit if Bangkok is on your travel list this year.

Experience the Local Life

Bangkok is a city that is known for its 24/7 hustle and bustle. With destinations buzzing with tourists and local people, the city hardly gets any time to sleep. The first thing you will notice once you enter the Khaosan road is the diverse mix of people from all walks of life. You will come across British people mixing with the locals, small children laughing, running around and playing with toys, etc. 

This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of Khao San Road. In addition to that, you will also come across the famous Bangkok ladyboys and the regal Buddhist monks browsing the stalls of enthusiastic vendors. This is one of the destinations in Bangkok, which does not let you leave and makes you come back for more everyday at the same time. 

Shopping at Thanon Khao San Market

The Thanon Khao San Market is another major attraction of Bangkok Khao San Road. Here you will find cheap t-shirts and trendy fashion items along with bootleg DVDs and even fake ID cards. Furthermore, if you are into decorative stuff, you can also browse through Buddha statues, flimsy phone cases, and fake leather as well, etc. However, you will need to make sure that you get the best price by bargaining as the vendors can sometimes fool the tourists. This is amongst the best places in Thailand to shop for cheap products and once you are done, you can fill your tummy with stalls that offer everything from juices to snacks. 

Visit the Ghost Tower

The Ghost Tower is a major attraction of the Khao San Road. It is known for its magnificent panoramic views and offers a totally different view of the city. The reason it is called Ghost tower is that the tower was complete 80% before the 1997 Asian financial crisis hit. This tower along with many other projects remained uncompleted and is a dark reminder of the innovation and sophistication Bangkok intended to achieve but didn’t. Despite the fact that it remains incomplete, the Ghost Tower still manages to attract thousands of tourists each year. 

Discover the October 14 Memorial

Just around the corner from the Khao San Road, there is a memorial built for those who died under the military dictatorship on 14th October 1973. The protestors died while peacefully protesting against the government at that time. Till today, the event remains controversial and the memorial displays a list of more than 70 activists who lost their lives during the movement. If you wish to experience a true taste of thai politics and culture, then visiting this place is a must. 

Explore Wat Chana Songkhram

The Wat Chana Songkhram is an 18th Century Buddhist Temple that translates to the Temple of Victory in War. Even though the temple is not that famous but its appeal is something you cannot ignore. It is a place that offers tranquility and peace away from the hustling Bangkok City. Upon visiting and exploring this temple, you will come across gilded designs and ornate colorings allowing it to maintain a serene atmosphere. This place has a unique charm that is less likely to be found anywhere else in Thailand. 

Final Word

The Khao San Road is famous for all the right reasons as you can see above. It offers different sources of entertainment and shopping while allowing you to pray and explore in peace even though some temples are near the busiest roads and streets. Make sure to take out some time to explore this road while visiting Thailand.