Moving To Thailand Book Review

Before I moved to Thailand, I spent many hours researching all sorts of things to help with my move. However, once I arrived, I realized that there were a whole host of other things that I wished I’d known about. If you’re also planning to move there I’d suggest getting a book called Moving To Thailand. It has everything you need to know about living and working in Thailand.

For many people moving to Thailand from Western countries, one of the biggest shocks they get is culture shock. The fact of the matter is that Thai culture is quite different to Western culture in many ways, and this can cause many people a lot of stress. If you want to enjoy living in Thailand you’ll need to adapt. You can’t expect 70 million Thai people to change their culture just to suit you. This is covered in the book and is an important aspect to consider before moving to Thaialnd.

While most people seem to love Thai food, many Westerns prefer to stick to their old favorites. But is Western food widely available in Thailand? In some parts yes, but in other parts no. The book will help you decide where to live by taking these factors into consideration.

You’ll also need to cover the basics when you first arrive. These include opening a bank account getting a driving licence, finding somewhere to live, and more. There are whole chapters how how to get the basics done quickly and efficiently.

Visas are another important aspect, as if you’re planning to stay long term, you’ll need the correct one. This can be confusing for first-time visitors, but the book explains it all in a simple and easy to understand way.

I’d buy the book just for the advice it offer about the topics mentioned above, but there is a whole lot more that’s covered.

If you’re planning to move to Thailand, I’d suggesting giving this book a read. It may help avoid some huge headaches, and make your stay very enjoyable.

Get the book at: Moving To Thailand.