How to Shop on a Budget when in Singapore

Brimmed with excellent places to shop that offer a wide array of affordable products, from clothes to shoes, electronics, and souvenirs, shopping is undoubtedly one of the best activities you can have in Singapore. That is if you won’t break the bank and leave yourself empty-handed even before the end of your trip. But, don’t fret! Read on below and discover some of the best tips on how to shop on a budget when in Singapore, so you can buy the best items you like while keeping everything easy for yourself and your wallet.

Make a list.

One common mistake of shoppers is failing to make a list prior to shopping. The result? Buying unnecessary items or spending hours from one store to another without actually knowing what to buy. The price? Lost money and lost time.

That is why making a list is critical, even if you’re shopping in another country. By having a clear idea of your purchases, you get to stay focused and make it easier to discern which items do you actually need or which ones are just nice to have.

Remember, when you get to veer from superfluous items, you are already saving on money. Plus, you get the chance to spend the money on buying things you need of higher quality. Thus, allowing you to get more bang for your buck.

Establish a budget.

Going on a vacation entails many expenses from transportation, accommodations, attractions, travel insurances, food and drinks, and mobile phone charges. As such, it’s important to budget effectively and set a certain amount that you can splurge on shopping. It’s also another way of helping you avoid the temptation of buying items you just randomly see in stores. Plus, having a fixed budget will help you avoid running out of money for any spontaneous, fun activities and attractions you may want to do or see while in the country.

Negotiate the price when possible.

Most markets and shopping centers in Singapore are no different from the must-visit markets in Bangkok, which means you can try to haggle over the price on many items. Of course, you won’t be doing this in high-end stores, but you can certainly do a little bit of bargaining in the budget-friendly shopping locations cited at the end of this list. If there are sticker prices but have your eyes on many items in the retail store, you may simply ask if they could provide you a form of a small discount when you buy multiple items. Try to hone your haggling skills and use them every now and then – some sellers will gladly budge.

Scrutinize prices and look for substitutes.

If you have extra time to roam around, you may want to wander around and compare prices from one store to another to find the best deal. Who knows, you might find a dress or a pair of shoes a few Singaporean dollars lower, just three stalls away.

If the price is simply high and doesn’t fit your budget, you can also look for substitutes as you visit the shops. If you’re aiming for a good travel hat, find a similar but cheaper alternative. You might even find other styles or designs more suitable for your vacation outfit.

Shop in budget-friendly locations.

Singapore is home to many world-class brands. What’s great is that the country also offers fantastic options for customers and travelers on a budget. In Singapore, you’ll find many budget shopping locations where you can find nearly every item you desire based on your needs, preferences, and wallet. Here are the best places you shouldn’t miss for the greatest deals:

Bugis Street

Nestling between Little India and Marina Bay, Bugis Street is one of Singapore’s most renowned and top shopping places. It’s deemed the mecca for bargain hunters looking to buy fashion clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, electronics, and houseware. With over 600 stalls to shop from, it’s also the largest and most exciting shopping alley in the country, where you can spend hours looking into their wallet-friendly collection. Adding the aroma from the affordable eateries around and the noise of the crowd, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience.

Mustafa Centre

Do you still have the juice to go on a shopping spree after a long day? Mustafa Centre is the place to be. It’s the only 24-hour shopping that caters to shoppers while the other locations are asleep at night. Retailers here get their products in bulk, which means prices of commodities are also very low. Be fascinated with their vast array of goods, from apparel, footwear, perfumes, medicinal products, hardware, furniture, groceries, and a whole lot more.

Far East Plaza

If you’re into fashion, fashion, and fashion and love to keep with the trend but still stay on a budget, you’ll definitely enjoy visiting Far East Plaza in Singapore. This shopping center is famed for selling the latest footwear and fashion items, from Hong Kong-style to Korean-style, smart, and retro apparel. You’ll find them all here at affordable prices, and there are also daily sales available that you can take advantage of.

Lucky Plaza

From casual clothing to sunglasses, sweets, books, oil products, perfumes, and low-end watches, Lucky Plaza has virtually anything you may wish to purchase while in Singapore. It is housed in a 40-year old building, plus has lower quality facilities and quite a messy floor-plan, but it’s where you can genuinely experience how Singaporean shopping centers were in the old days. So, visit this place for affordable goods while also strolling in Singapore’s rich shopping history.


Indeed, shopping is among the best things you could do when visiting Singapore. Just be sure to follow these so you’ll never go out of budget. With that, you can enjoy all the spectacular items you could get from Singapore’s renowned shopping sites, save money, and enjoy all the other things Singapore has to offer.